Troops Direct

Service Member Request Form

Please read below for criteria.

1. This contact form is for active & reserve members of the United States Armed Forces only:

It is not for families, friends, civilians or anyone else. Any other request or email sent from this form will not be read and will be deleted. Non-request email can be sent to This is done for security purposes.


OPSEC is the #1 priority at Troops Direct. With the exception of our suppliers who may be shipping directly to you on our behalf, we do not disclose names, ranks, locations or other information from the requesting party to ANYONE. This is done for security purposes.

3. Verifications:

Troops Direct reserves the right to verify the identity of the requesting party and the validity of the request. This is done for security purposes.

4. Shipping Address:

All approved items must be shipped CONUS, we won’t ship OCONUS. It is requestors responsibility to ship out-of-country.

5. Needs vs. Wants:

Ask for what you NEED – not for what you WANT. Enhancing mission effectiveness and the safety of American warfighters is what Troops Direct is here for. Keep items and quantities honest so that all units that call upon us can get what they need. We often know when requested items are ‘unreasonable’ for the requesting units mission set.

6. Details:

Be specific with your requests. Include model/part/NSN numbers, quantities, sizes, colors, web links or any other information whenever possible. Communicating with units OCONUS can cause delays so the fewer questions that Troops Direct has to ask about your order, the faster we can get you the right items.

Please click the button below to download the form to complete. Then, please email the form to