when our troops request it – we supply it – plain & simple

OVER 90% OF EVERY DOLLAR donated to TroopsDirect goes directly to getting our troops the items they request.

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From Conventional Units to Special Forces ‘Teams’, TroopsDirect functions as THE non-profit on-demand supply line for American units based anywhere on the globe. If they can’t get it…we’ll get it for them!

TroopsDirect communicates with our service members daily providing detailed medical, operational & K9 support at no expense to the unit. Our sole objective is making them the safest and most effective Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors that we can. This is our commitment to them and their bravery.

Contrary to most groups providing smaller and seasonal care packages for individual soldiers, the TroopsDirect ‘on demand’ model ships our service members exactly what they request, delivered to almost any point on the globe in a matter of days. With a near real time response rate to these requests, TroopsDirect support is the most timely, accurate and adaptable amongst known support organizations. Supported by the generosity of citizens like you, over 90 cents of every dollar goes to providing our Americans with the specifically requested items that they urgently need.

TroopsDirect is not about endorsing war or the politics that may surround it. We are simply about providing for our Americans in an unprecedented manner. And until there are no more conflicts or terrorism, TroopsDirect will be there for our country and her service members.

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