Troops Direct

No Hero Should
be Without

Troops Direct provides critically needed items that our service members request to any point on the globe.

Deliveries In Days, Not Months

Troops Direct is able to supply requested items in as little as 5-7 days at no charge to our service members.


When you donate to Troops Direct, you truly are supporting the troops by increasing mission success and helping our heroes return home safe and sound to their loved ones.

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Over the last decade our Troops have not been in the public eye. However, Troops Direct has not forgotten about our service members. Over 2,000,000 Americans continue to serve in over 130 countries. Troops Direct does not send care packages, we provide critically needed supplies to service members. From publicized deployments to the most covert of ‘ops’, Troops Direct helps our brave Americans accomplish missions and return home safe. All at no cost to them. How do you support the troops?

Troops Direct Featured On Black Rifle Podcast

Troops Direct Saves Lives

 As we look to the future, we must understand that over 2 million Americans continue to stand in uniform, ready to answer any call to anywhere and at any time. Whether a publicized deployment or a covert operation, they will lay their lives on the line in defense of you, me, our children and our nation. 

It’s hard to believe, but it is true. The U.S. government can not always supply our soldiers with the mission critical equipment that they require. That is why Troops Direct offers to step in with your contributions to support our troops.

For Troops Direct there is no bureaucracy or red tape when it comes to delivering immediate needs to our Troops so they can complete a critical mission.

Our fighting forces are in the trenches and sometimes face a shortage of equipment that is time sensitive, that can quickly be fulfilled with Troops Direct. At times the equipment given to them becomes obsolete or unusable before government budgets allow for its replacement.

By supporting us, Troops Direct is able to be there for the men and women when others may let them down.

Troops Direct can deliver items in days, not weeks or months that it would take the government.

Troops Direct is like no other, empowering and protecting our service members in an unprecedented manner. Troops Direct does not send care packages, we send packages that are better. Troops Direct increases mission success and helps our heroes return home safe and sound to their loved ones. From the boots they wear to life saving equipment, your donations go to our service members when they need it the most. When you donate to Troops Direct, you truly are supporting the troops.