Troops Direct

How Donations Help

There are many ways to support our Americans in uniform. Troops Direct is like no other, empowering and protecting our service members in an unprecedented manner. Troops Direct increases mission success and helps our heroes return home safe and sound to their loved ones. When you donate to Troops Direct, you truly are supporting the troops. And remember, less than 10 percent of every dollar goes to administrative overhead.


Shipping fees for a PRIORITY shipment to an American unit anywhere around the globe.


2 pairs of ballistic eye protection, 1 pair of replacement boots or 2 stretchers.


10 fully stocked medical kits or 4 GPS units or 2 metal detectors used to identify deadly landmines.


20 water filtration units, 10 ballistic helmets, or 5 communications systems.


An ‘open account’ for a Special Operations ‘Team’ standing by to respond immediately to any global crisis.


An ‘open account’ for 1 Infantry Regiment comprised of about 5,000 American troops.

See Your Donations in Action