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Frontlines Of COVID-19

Select Your Mission & Give NOW At Because Of YOU. We have been able to supply our 'Homeland Heroes' with over $300,000 of critically needed support. Masks, gloves, sanitizer, de-contaminant, CLIF Bars and more. Our National Guard is doing an outstanding job and Troops Direct is proud to support! Troops Direct supports our front line military forces exclusively at larger unit levels with the objective of making them the safest, most effective and highest spirited Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors that we can. From conventional units to Special Forces ‘Teams’, we function as a non-profit ‘back line’ of supply for units based anywhere on the globe. Troops Direct communicates with them daily providing detailed medical, operational & K9 support at no expense to the unit. This is our commitment to them and their bravery. Support our troops, donate today.