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From the Helm

Put Us Out Of Business! We Want War!

Our Founder and Executive Director, Aaron Negherbon, makes a '1 take' unrehearsed message about a recent interaction he had with an uninformed civilian and the moments before Pearl Harbor, Tet and 9/11. Aaron Negherbon: "Hey America, it's Aaron Negherbon, the Founder and Executive Director of Troops Direct. I'm going to make this a one-take video because I want to get what's in my heart right now out. I had someone come up to me a couple weeks ago and they said that, “Gee you know, you must want to have war because it's good for your charity. To have people coming in and donating to you because if there's no war then what are you guys going to be doing?” And I'm going to tell you something, I am the first person that never, ever wants a war to happen. I never served. I am a civilian, but I have had my best friends murdered by snipers. I've had other dear friends wounded and murdered by IED’s. I have seen what war does and it is horrible. And I will tell you something, war does not get planned to us as the public. War is not necessarily announced. Pearl Harbor was not announced the Tet Offensive was not announced. 9/11 was not announced and nor were any of these other major pieces of warfare that have happened through history. But I will tell you there are Americans in the moments before events like that were standing at the ready to serve this nation. And like always they are often under prepared as it pertains to the equipment that they need for what they do. What's happening in the Ukraine right now, and I pray nothing happens, but if something does Troops Direct is going to be there, because of your support yes, in order to get them what they need. Americans sign up, and they raise that right hand, and they promise to serve that flag and this nation, you and I. And Troops Direct, I pray someday will be out of business because there are no longer needs. But you and I both know that that will continue to not be the case. Since the days of Genghis Khan, there have been supply issues. Troops Direct is here every single day as it has been for the last 11 years, to help those that go downrange or serve peacefully here at home for this nation. Support us today, so we can help those Americans doing what they do for us. God bless America, Thank you. One take."