Troops Direct

From the Helm

Pray for Ukraine! Pray for our Troops!

Hi, It's Aaron Negherbon, the Founder and Executive Director of Troops Direct. I am wearing this t-shirt here in honor of our friends in Ukraine right now. Keep up the good fight and good things will happen. And with all that said, my phone's been ringing off the hook from people asking me what's going on with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and everything else and I will keep this as short as I possibly can. The first thing I will tell everybody to do is, remember, that the US is probably not going to go into Ukraine but if anything happens, as it pertains to other countries to the west of Ukraine, where Russia wants to step foot there, that's a whole different story. I have spoken to Green Berets, I have spoken to Seals, I have spoken to marines, and I've spoken to soldiers recently who have all said that they are moving en masse to the eastern parts of Europe in preparation for that. And they have said that they are under-equipped because they are being plucked from all different regions from around the globe to be put into the cold and snowy environment of Eastern Europe. And they have told us that they will be calling upon us, Troops Direct, for support. While that is all going on, I can tell you America, please keep your eye on North Korea and China. There is a big concern that China especially is going to make a grab for Taiwan while all the stuff in Eastern Europe is going on. Is it a test of the United States by our adversaries? You better believe it. Forget nato right now. Let's just focus on the US, so keep your eyes on that this is not, this is more than perhaps just Russia and Ukraine. All that said, pray for the Ukrainians. Please pray for our troops. Please support us because we're going to need it if this thing pops off.