when our troops request it – we supply it – plain & simple

What our troops say about TroopsDirect

  • “We had heard about TroopsDirect while deployed in Afghanistan but didn’t realize their commitment to us until we needed them. They were there for us immediately and in ways we never thought possible.”

    Sergeant ‘J. M.’

  • “When our own military supply chain couldn’t get us needed supplies, TroopsDirect did.”

    Sergeant ‘A. H.’

  • “TroopsDirect is the game changer for my men and is THE support organization of this generation of the military.”

    Commander ‘R. H.’

  • “Without TroopsDirect we would have lost
    more men and suffered more casualties.”

    Sergeant ‘J. C.’

  • “TroopsDirect singlehandedly changes the manner
    in which our military can operate on the front lines.”

    Major ‘C. C.’

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